Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship is a down-to-earth, relevant and riveting glimpse into the professional journey of one of the country’s most successful black businessmen, William F. Pickard, Ph.D. Dr. Pickard details the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial evolution in an authentic, instructive, and sometimes humorous manner. Young entrepreneurs will be inspired by lessons learned from his bookie uncle, loyal colleagues and determined competitors. They’ll also take a little trip through time as he shares the stories of other hard-working men and women who made it – despite the odds. The valuable tips and proven tools provided by Millionaire Moves are essential for anyone striving to achieve the next level of success.


"Each one, reach one, teach one."

These words get me fired up! They also explain the purpose of this book. This is my way of giving back, and it’s my way of saying that whatever I’ve done, you can do it, too. It doesn’t matter who you -- are a blue collar worker, an MBA grad, a new business owner, or a student working nights to pay your way through school.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Vision And Attitude


A Ground Breaking Ceremony

Pickard’s 45-year entrepreneurial career began as a McDonald’s franchisee in Detroit, Mich. Here, he and his partners became among the very first African Americans to own a McDonald's Franchise in history.


MLK Jr. Lecture

MLK Jr. during his appearance on campus at Western Michigan University.  His speech was titled "Social Injustice."


McDonald's Grand Opening

Dr. Pickard and Business Partners, Pictured left to right:  Melvin Garrett, Dr. William Pickard and Dr. Raymond Snowden


With Henry Ford II

Dr. Kornegay and Henry Ford II

Be mindful of opportunity. Always search for what's missing and fill the void with ideas and actions.